REST Program of Dane County

REST Program Overview

The REST Program is a Journey Mental Health Center program for youth in Dane County that partners with schools and community mental health agencies to build resiliency and promote recovery for youth impacted by stress and trauma. The program identifies students needing mental health support, connects them to appropriate school or community-based intervention(s), and increases schools’ capacities to support students impacted by stress and trauma.

The REST Program invites students affected by traumatic stress to participate in a Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools (CBITS) group. Through an equity-centered and resiliency-focused approach, CBITS aims to increase coping skills and reduce symptoms of traumatic stress for students in middle and high school.

The REST Program is also piloting the Healing Ethnic and Racial Trauma (HEART) group in 2021-2022. The HEART group provides a sanctuary space for BIPOC students to process and reflect upon racialized encounters, while cultivating resilience and authentic connection with peers and adult facilitators who have shared experiences.

Want a break-down of program implementation by month? Take a look at this CHECKLIST

School Partners

  • Madison Metropolitan School District
  • Sun Prairie Area School District
  • Middleton Cross Plains Area School District
  • Oregon School District
  • Stoughton School District
  • Marshall School District
  • Verona Area School District
  • Cambridge School District
  • Deerfield School District

Community Partners

  • United Way of Dane County
  • Project Face Kids/Catholic Charities
  • Family Services Madison
  • Children’s Wisconsin
  • Anesis Therapy Center
  • UW-Health Behavioral Health Youth & Families
  • Lutheran Social Services
  • The Rainbow Project
  • Orion Family Services
MonthREST Program Action
SeptemberScreening & Consult Training
Send out Passive Consent forms
Student Consults
Returning Facilitator Training
NovemberCurriculum Training
Complete Student Consults
Student Consult Review Meeting
Send out Active Consent forms
Refer for other interventions
Begin CBITS groups (end of month)
Begin CBITS groups
JanuaryContinue CBITS Groups
(MMSD High Schools only) Round 2 Screening first week of January
(MMSD High Schools only) Round 2 Complete Consults
(MMSD High Schools only)) Round 2 Student Consult Review Meeting
(MMSD High Schools only) Round 2 Active Consent forms
FebruaryComplete CBITS Groups
Re-screen (within two weeks of the end of the group)
End-of-group review meeting (with REST Manager)
Follow up support for group members if needed
(MMSD High Schools only) Begin Round 2 CBITS Groups
MarchComplete CBITS Groups (if not already completed)
Re-screen (within two weeks of the end of the group)
End-of-group review meeting (with REST Manager)
Follow up support for group members if needed
MayFinal post-intervention screener for CBITS group participants


Associate Director of School Based Mental


Nelsie Stern, MS, LPC


School and Community Outreach Manager

Julia Stanley, AM


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