Student Consults

Post-screener Student Consults are an important part of the REST Program. They are offered to students whose screeners indicate a need for follow up or if student support services staff determine follow-up is necessary. During the consults, school student services staff meet one-on-one with students to facilitate a space of healing-centered engagement. They work to build relationships of support with students and ascertain appropriate intervention recommendations.

Preparing for Student Consults

To prepare, take a look at the Details page of REST Connect to determine which students will receive a Student Consult. Consider creating an organizational method to track students receiving a Consult and staff who will conduct them. Many schools use a shared Google Sheet for this purpose. Use any method that makes sense for your team. Communicate with teachers about when and how you will meet with students to conduct the Student Consults.

To Do’s

  • Create a system for tracking students receiving a Student Consult. Make sure this document is protected
  • Plan for who will conduct which Consults
  • Email teachers about when and how you will meet with students

Click here to view a Sample Teacher Email for Student Consults

Criteria for a Student Consult

Screener Scores

USE YOUR BEST JUDGEMENT! Consult with any students for whom you have concerns, even if their scores do not meet the thresholds above.

While Administering Consults

During administration, have the student’s screener on hand. Use their screener responses as a way to guide the conversation. This is not an investigation of what happened for them, but a conversation about their well-being and what support might be helpful. Take notes to help you remember the conversation later. Be transparent about your note taking and let the student see your notes if they ask. Document your recommendations in REST Connect and have an internal document for the purpose of group planning.

To Do’s

  • Have student screeners on hand
  • Take notes (more is more!) using the Tracking Form or use your own method
  • Document recommendation and next steps in REST Connect.
  • Update internal planning document
Student Consult Demo

After Consults Are Complete

When consults are complete (or nearly complete), contact the REST Manager to set up a Post-Consult Review Meeting. This meeting is an opportunity to discuss outcomes of student consults and plan for CBITS-RTM groups, HEART groups, and/or other social-emotional group(s). Be sure to have consult notes on hand. Any staff member who conducted consults can attend. If somebody cannot attend, detailed notes and recommendations should be provided to the school REST lead.

Start planning for Active Consent form collection! This is a challenging process that takes multiple tries. Best practice is to call the family and have a conversation about the consent form you are sending. Check out the Communication Guide for ways to address caregiver concerns about group participation

To Do’s

  • Schedule Post-Consult Review Meeting with the REST Program Manager
  • Plan for multiple ways to gather active consent forms for CBITS-RTM, HEART, or other SEL groups.
  • The CBITS-RTM Active Consent form is available in ENGLISH and SPANISH.
  • Check out the Communication Guide for addressing caregiver concerns about group participation.
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