REST Connect

REST Connect is the secure online platform used to administer and score student screeners. It is a tool for schools to identify students who may need social-emotional or mental health support. The platform is used to collect data, track intervention recommendations, monitor pre/post intervention progress and take group attendance.

Accessing REST Connect

To access REST Connect, you need an account. Contact the REST Staff if you do not have an account set up. You should only have access to the school(s) you work with in the current school year. Student data is protected by limiting access to the site and by limiting the identifying information of each student to their student ID number. No student names appear on the site.

Accessing & Sharing Screener links

Screening Administration

Log in to REST Connect to get started. You’ll find quick access to the most commonly used tabs on the home page. To access the REST screener links, you can click on the Key Features Unique Screener Links or find them in the Administer tab at the top right of the page.

To share the link with students via email, you can copy the URL in English and Spanish and paste it in your email. It is recommended that you send the link to students immediately before you are ready to administer the screener, so students do not complete it alone.

Reviewing Screener Results

As soon as students complete the screener and hit submit, you can review the results. Access results by clicking on the Results tab and selecting Details. You will get an overview of all the student screeners submitted. To look at an individual screener, highlight the screener by clicking on the print box and selecting Print Full Results on the top left. You’ll see headings across the screen in the Details page. This offers a snapshot of student responses and actions taken.

PositiveTrauma Symptoms score of 14+ Student Consult required
NegativeTrauma Symptoms score of 13-Student Consult not required
CDIChildren’s Depression score of 65+Student consult required
GrayTrauma Symptoms score of 14+ AND Trauma Exposure score of 0 (zero)Student consult required to rule out traumatic stress
Screener Scores

USE YOUR BEST JUDGEMENT! Consult with any students for whom you have concerns, even if their scores do not meet the thresholds above.

REST Connect Details Page


  • Positive (P)
  • Negative (N)
  • Symptoms of depression (CDI)
  • Unclear (Gray)


This box shows the student’s response to “the thing that bothers me most”


When this box is checked, a REST Staff member has reviewed the screener for critical issue concerns.

Exclamation Point

A check in this box means a critical issue was identified and needs to be addressed. You should receive an email prompting you to follow up with this student for more assessment.

Student Consult

“Yes” means that a student-consult form has been completed. All students with a P, CDI, or Gray score should have a student consult form completed.


This refers to the question of suicidality on the screener. Any student with a “2” in this column needs immediate follow-up.

Post-Consult Notes

Brief notes should be captured for every student consult conducted in REST Connect. This will help you recall the conversation and track your recommendations. Students also need to have a student consult form in REST Connect in order to add them in to a CBITS-RTM or HEART group. To add a student consult form, highlight the student row and click Details/Student Consult on the upper left corner of the page. Complete the pop-out window with Interviewer, Primary Concern, Recommended Intervention and Notes. Click Save and you’re done!

Completing a Student Consult Form

Creating Groups in REST Connect

Before you can take attendance in your group, you will need to set up your group in REST Connect. This involves “creating” the group and then adding students to that group. A student consult must be completed on each student who will participate in the group. If there is no student consult, you will not be able to find them in the Interviews/Student Consult tab. Follow the steps below to set up your group.

  • Click on the Intervention tab and select “Groups” from the drop-down menu
  • Select “Add New Group” on the upper left side of the screen
  • Complete the pop-up box with your school, school year, group name, start date, and anticipated end date.
  • Hit “Save”
  • Next, go to the Student Consult tab to add students to the group
  • Highlight the student row and select “Add to Group”
  • Complete the pop-up box and save
  • Next, add the Session dates by clicking on the Intervention tab and selecting Sessions
  • Complete each session date and group name
  • Click Save!

Creating a group in REST Connect

Tracking Attendance

Tracking attendance should happen each session. This task can be done by the school OR community facilitator. No student names appear in REST Connect so make sure you have student numbers handy so you can take attendance.

  • After setting up your group (participants and dates), go to the Intervention tab, scroll down to Sessions
  • Click on Session Details (top left corner)
  • Check off students who were present. 
  • Click Save!
Taking Attendance in REST Connect